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The tourist highlights of Poland include Bieszczady Mountains, Gdansk, Zakopane and Masuria Lakes for the romantics and nature lovers. The more adventurous souls can opt for Tatra Mountains with rocky peaks, picturesque ponds and waterfalls. City of Czestochowa, Malbork, Katowice, Wroclaw, Krakow and


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Oswiecim offers architectural exquisiteness and historical monuments with amazing history attached to them. Poland is rich with museums, parks, churches and sports complexes. Visitors can tour with small groups or have tailor made tours suited for their needs. Slowinski National Park, Wawel Castle, Wieliczka Salt Mine and the Main Market Square are highly recommended for tourists looking for a matchless exciting experience.


Each city of Poland has its own set of distinctive hotels that offer wide-ranging services at the diverse price range. Poland hosts Cracow Mountain Festival, Puppet theatre, Cracow Jazz Festival and Africa Reggae Festival. Poland offers Spa treatments in both urban and countryside setups. Poland also has numerous fitness and sports clubs dealing in different sports according to their location. Poland has low-priced public transport and many private bus companies that provide convenient and fast bus services.


The road routes to some areas may be inadequately developed hence driving is stressful and time consuming. Train transport is inexpensive but with old infrastructure in place though the popular routes are being revamped with fast and modern infrastructure. The most widely understood language is Polish as even the signposts and information signs are found in Polish. It is recommended to learn a bit of the language as a little knowledge will go a long way.


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