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Macedonia is a culturally rich state that has a lot to put forward in terms of picturesque architecture and large archeological sites.


The best way to explore it is by car rental in Macedonia. With Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece close car rental in Macedonia give you a freedom of choice.


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A must see places 

A list of must-see cultural cities with natural splendor includes Skopje, Ohrid, Krushevo, Bitola, and Štip.


There are several categories of tours that visitors can choose from such as tour of old towns and nature, wine tasting tour, cultural tour and tour of the Macedonian monasteries.


Natural parks

Macedonia has over 30 natural reserves and three natural parks; Mavrovo, Galičica, and Pelister. Visitors to the parks enjoy mixed landscapes with waterfalls, caves, valleys with flora and fauna.


To best benefit from the variety of terrains, adventurous activities are arranged around the country such as paragliding, kayaking, skiing, horse riding and mountain biking.


Naturally formed stone pillars

Macedonia has a stone town of Kukla that presents a unique sight of naturally formed stone pillars. Macedonia is also home to Kokino, which is the fourth most ancient megalithic observatory of the world.


Towers of Marko fortress in Prilep give an exquisite experience of medieval remains. Hence, Macedonia provides major opportunities to enjoy historic cultural sites and artifacts.



Macedonian cuisine is locally grown seasonal foods with spices and herbs to add flavor. Fish is of popular consumption near the rivers or lake regions. Some of the traditional dishes include

  • Tavče gravče,
  • Polneti Piperki,
  • Pastrmalija,
  • and Pinđur.


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