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Luxembourg is a popular destination with a large influx of tourists from neighboring European countries. It's perfect for exploring by a cheap car rental in Luxembourg.


The capital of Luxembourg is a multicultural city with lively ambiance and artistic architectural beauty. It's home to theaters, museums, and concert halls and has hosted quite a lot of cultural events.


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Luxembourg City is also the headquarters for many European financial institutions. For those who love outdoors and nature, there is The Ardennes, Moselle River, The Land of the Red Rocks and Mullerthal. All within close reach of Enjoy Car Hire a car rental partners. Tourists opt for hiking, water sports, nature walks, mountain biking, Nordic walking and small cruises as things to experience in Luxembourg.


Luxembourg is an organizer of Last Summer Dance music and arts festival held annually in Luxembourg which engages youth in cultural dialog and discussion about the future, all paired with music and art exhibition. Apart from this, Luxembourg also sets up Schueberfouer, a very large funfair with a roller coaster, regional specialties, and traditional cinema.


There are many medieval castles to tour in Luxembourg where occasionally medieval festivals are also hosted. Luxembourg not only has good transport infrastructure within the country but also good rail, air, and road connections with a whole of Europe. As it’s well connected, it’s a good touring place for visitors on a European business trip.


Accommodations are available in hostels, hotels and camping sites at reasonable prices. As for food, Luxembourg offers plenty of bistros and restaurant providing a blend of cultural tastes.


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