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Lithuania is a country with green meadows and picturesque hills. It is home to five national parks and gives ample opportunity to explore deep forests. And the best way to do it is by car rental in Lithuania.

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One should not expect less from this country due to its small size. Lithuania has some amazing tourist spots such as Trakai Island Castle and the town which is surrounded by 5 lakes. There is also the Curonian Spit Oasis which brings the experience of sea and sand all in one place. Lithuania has parks, museums, cultural architect and lakes with beautiful landscaping.


One of the world’s most unique museums named Devils' Museum that displays a big number of Lithuanian devils and tools of witches is situated here. There is also Hill of Witches in Juokrantė, which is associated with local folklores and old witch legends. The city of Vilnius is the most popular tourist stop with its medieval buildings and the KGB Museum.


Two of the most sought after hotels in Vilnius include Shakespeare hotel which offers Old English Mansion style of furnishing and Hotel Kempinski known for its glamor and hospitality. Apart from Vilnius, there are a number of other cities that offer unique experience and culture to their visitors such as Kaunas, Palanga, Klaipeda, Druskininkai and Nida.


The country also hosts an annual event of Lithuanian Song Festival; a place for art, costumes, crafts, and dances. Lithuania doesn’t lag in presenting good shopping opportunities to tourists and even has its high-quality linen and amber popular among foreign visitors.


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