Enjoy Car Hire Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina is enriched with a vast array of cultures, customs, and landscape. Its people are known for their warm nature and hospitality and the easiest way to suck it all is in traveling around by car rental. 


The general climate of this region is hot summers with cool winters. One major incentive of visiting Bosnia-Herzegovina is that it exempts visa requirements for 90 days visit to nationals of many foreign countries including America, European Union, and Canada.

This small country is home to some fascinating tourist spots that offer a blend of Eastern and Western civilizations. Some of the most popular places to visit include

The best time to visit for nature lovers is spring when Bosnia turns lush green with flowers and for the adventurous souls, there is winter skiing on the Bjelasnica, Igman and Jahorina mountains.

Bosnia-Herzegovina has many tourist agencies that guide foreign visitors for places to visit, accommodation, transportation, and restaurants to help make their stay more memorable. Bosnia-Herzegovina has many public water fountains that provide clean drinking water. The locals enjoy a traditional blend of coffee called 'bosanska kafa' with 'rahatlokum' (Turkish delight). Bosnia has cheap and efficient bus systems that connect its major cities but touring the countryside would require a rented car.


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