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  • Cairns is in the north of Queensland, approximately 2400 KM’s from Sydney and almost 3,000 KM’s from Melbourne.
  • Driving to Cairns from Perth is possible however it would take 3 days with plenty of stops as it is 5,100 KM’s
  • The closest major hub is Brisbane. You can fly into Brisbane and then up to Cairns in under an hour.
  • Cairns is a humid sub-tropical hotspot. The temperature varies between 25-35 degrees al year round.
  • You will drive on the left hand side of the road, and the maximum speed limit on the freeways is 110 KM/H

Guide to Cairns


Cairns is situated in far north Queensland is a sprawling tropical holiday and lifestyle regional centre with a local population of approx. 0.1m people and attracting more than 2m visitors annually with a strong mix of both domestic and international tourists. Many international tourists either start or end their Australian adventure in Cairns as they take the challenge of the long drive up or down the east coast to or from the likes of th major capital cities of Brisbane or Sydney and maybe even Melbourne for an extra long drive 3000kms plus.


Cairns is warm to hot all year round with high humidity during the summer months of December to February. Cairns is very well positioned for tourists wanting to go out to the barrier reef as well as visit the lively holiday spot of Port Douglas an hours drive further north.


There are original locals plus those that have migrated from the south in search of warmer weather, a relaxed lifestyle plus a lower cost of living. With the locals there is a diverse ethnic mix with the first Australians being well represented then some islanders of Polynesian background plus those who have links to the people of Papua New Guinea. There are also plenty of from Anglo heritage


A word of warning


Being this far north there are more things that can kill you namely crocodiles which can be in any of the waterways including along the beaches. Also at the beach during the summer months, November to March, there are stingers in the water. These jellyfish type creatures can make humans quite ill if stung and in some cases affixation due to swelling of the airways


Things to do in Cairns


Cairns is an eco tourism hub with most visitors accessing the Great Barrier Reef then there are land based adventures to Mossman Gorge on the edge of the Daintree Forest and Cape Tribulation. Also there are a few tourist attractions in and around Cairns plus premium golf courses


Start the day with a walk along the beach


To start with first thing in every day before it heats up is an early morning walk along the sandy beaches then cool off with a swim in your hotel pool on return. Okay and now for some exploring in and around Cairns with a trip on the old steam train to Kurandra. Kurandra is less than 10kms form Cairns and the steam train winds its way up the foothills and being higher its always a little cooler than down on the coast. There is food and other delicacies and a weekly market with all sorts of goodies. On the return trip you can take the rainforest ride on a gondala back to Cairns. This is a very pleasant and peaceful trip.


Further afield about an hours drive north is Mossman Gorge where the rain forest has trees over a hundred years old. Best to take a walking tour and you will be likely to get an enthusiastic person from the local indigenous tribe whose ancestors have been in the area for 1000’s of years. Their knowledge and history plus their stories of the “dreamtime” is an invaluable experience.


More adventurous


For the more adventurous the longer trip and overnight stay at Cape Tribulation which includes camping out, river cruising and bush walks – watch out for those “crocs”.


Great Barrier Reef tours


Now for the ultimate experience with a day tour to the Great Barrier Reef. This is a full day adventure with a one to two hour boat trip on a well equipped fit for purpose large ocean going vessel. There are plenty of supplies on board with morning and afternoon tea as well as an ample lunch provided. The main focus is snorkelling or for the experienced scuba diving to special parts of the Reef where there are many colourful and expansive corals with the sea life as equally amazing. There is something for everyone from the novice to the expert and the young to old.


If you are still looking for something else there is always the Casino to whittle away your hard earned, good luck.


Eating out in Cairns


Like most major tourist destinations there are loads of different cuisines with much fusion and contemporary influences given the rich cultural mix of Far North Queensland.:


The Reef Casino is a testament to the rich cultural impact on food with a wide selection of restaurants to satisfy the palette and budget. There is one there that is sure to work


Noa in Collins Ave Edgehill is slightly out of town with a relaxed open dining experience shared with locals. For lunches there is the shaded deck or fine outdoor dining of an evening once the heat of the day has passed. The menu offers many of the big city favourites and some local specialities centred on seafood fresh from the Coral Sea as well as land based produce from the nearby Atherton Tablelands


To take the outdoor dining experience to a new level try Tha Fish which is located at the Cairns Marina with stunning water views as well as the backdrop of the nearby mountains. This is an enjoyable seafood affair without busting the budget, there is also a kids menu


FAQ's about Cairn car hire


How much does it cost to hire an economy car in Cairns?


Prices start at A$24.00 per day for a compact Kio Rio or similar


How much does a family car cost to hire in Cairns?


You can hire a Toyota Carolla or similar for around A$27.00 per day


How much does it cost to hire a 4x4 car at Cairns?


A Mitsubishi Outlander or similar costs about $55.00 per day


Which car hire companies are at Cairns airport?


At Cairns airport you can find East Coast Rentals, Alamo, Europcar, Enterprise, Sixt and Hertz.


Which car hire company is cheapest at Cairns?


You will get the cheapest prices by booking in advance online, and East Coast car rental is normally the cheapest on Enjoy


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