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Make the most of your holiday with car hire in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of Europe’s top holiday destinations. With car retail in Mallorca from Enjoy Car Hire, you can enjoy all that it has to offer. 


At just over 1405 square miles (3640 square km) Mallorca has around 325 miles (523 kilometres) of coastline; the island makes a great holiday destination. By far the best way to appreciate it is with a car rental in Mallorca.


There are various reasons for that.

  1. Roads are the main transport arteries.
  2. Roads are in good condition, with frequent signposts.
  3. Three motorways run through the island, which is well connected with Palma and the airport.
  4. All that means you can reach remote parts of the island fairly easily
  5. Car rental gives your freedom and choice 

Just be careful. They drive on the right side.


Enjoy car hire car rental is available in Palma and the airport

From windswept Formentor beach on the north coast, to sandy beaches in Cala Mayor and historic Palma, Mallorca offers visitors a lot to do and see. But to take advantage of all that this jewel in Mediterranean has to offer you will need car hire in Mallorca. 

And who better to provide your car rental in Mallorca, but Enjoy Car Hire with its cheap car hire in Mallorca?  Our affordable airport car hire in Mallorca will make your holiday here a breeze. Plus, our simple online booking takes all the headache out of finding car rental in Mallorca.

Use Enjoy Car Hire for your car hire in Mallorca

If you want to see its scenic mountains, historic hilltop villages, and fine sandy beaches you will need a car rental in Mallorca.  With car hire in Mallorca from Enjoy Car Hire, you can explore all that this beautiful island has to offer. You may even want to spend a week travelling around the island with car hire in Mallorca.

One of the best ways to see Mallorca is to drive around the island. But to do this, you will need car hire in Mallorca. We recommend that you pick-up airport car hire in Mallorca from Palma airport. 


After visiting the capital, you can head to the Sierra Tramontana mountain region with your car rental in Mallorca, stopping off at Delía. From here, you can explore the western coast (including Valldemossa) before heading north to Pollença, and then explore the east coast’s beaches. You finish your circle of the island by returning to Palma and dropping off your airport car hire in Mallorca.

Enjoy Car Hire’s airport car hire in Mallorca

Mallorca’s main airport is the island’s capital, Palma. This is where you will pick up your airport car hire in Mallorca. 


Enjoy Car Hire provides affordable rates so you can make the most of your holiday.


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