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Why Car rental in Spain

Spain car rental sight photoSpain is still one of the most popular destinations by far for UK holidaymakers, and at Enjoy Car Hire, we provide extensive facilities.


It's not just because of warm climate and sunny beaches, many actually spend holidays travelling around the country.


Spain car hire sight photoTravellers dream

From personal experience in just two weeks, you can make a nice little loop around Spain and catch more than a glimpse of what it offers and how versatile it is.


You can start in Barcelona and make next stop in Madrid. Of course, both offer far more than it can be seen in a day or two, but with a good car hire you can choose quantity over quality and drive to the south of Pyrenees as well, even jump to Portugal and catch some of Lisbon and Algarve in between. South of Spain is again something one can find great joy exploring.


Malaga, Cordoba, Seville, Granada each offers a different story and while you're in the neighbourhood, conquering The Rock would further enrich you overall car rental in Spain experience. You definitely don't want to pass Gibraltar and its famous view.



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Excellent road system

There is an excellent road system in Spain, cities, villages and campsites are quite easy to find and reach, you can beat great distances in a short time if you need to, like moving from Granada to Valencia.


We strongly recommend you to stop in Cartagena and Alicante along the way, though. Enjoy Car Hire provides cheap car hire in many historical cities and coastal town like Jerez, Almeria, Benidorm, Gerona, Torrevieja, to name a few. We offer airport car hire in Spain and cheap car hire in the Canary Islands as well.


Driving tips in Spain

You are not allowed to sound a horn at night in urban areas. Horns should only be used in an emergency.


  • 120 kph (Motorways)
  • 40 kph (School Roads)
  • 50 kph (Built up Areas)
  • 00 kph (Outside Built up Areas)
  • 0.05
  • 112 (Emergency Services)
  • 092 (Police)
  • Most A roads are toll roads in Spain.


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