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Iconic city

Romania’s capital, Bucharest is located between Transylvania’s Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea. The city features iconic neoclassical buildings and wide tree-lined boulevards.


Bucharest has changed a lot lately and today it has become a very interesting mix of old and new. For example, finding a 300-year-old church right next to a modern steel-and-glass building is commonplace in Bucharest.


Tourists enjoy this mix in Bucharest and find it adds to the charm of the city.


The charm of the city is no more so prevalent than when relaxing on a boat in one of the many national parks just outside the city. Attractions wise, Bucharest is home to many museums, from Art to Military to Aviation there is plenty to indulge in Bucharest history.


Bucharest is now more cosmopolitan than one may think, with an extremely lively nightlife and upscale boutiques. Away from the city, Snagov, is a small town north of Bucharest accessible by car, and a quick escape for many city locals, with its big lake and beaches. As well as the Sinaia, a popular day excursion, featuring the iconic Peles Castle


With so many places to see in and around Bucharest, car rental is an excellent choice. We offer airport car hire in Bucharest too. Our payment and pickup procedure is quick and all liabilities are explained upfront e.g. insurance excesses.  When booked in advance your car our partners will be waiting for you when you arrive.


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