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Why Car rental in Romania

Romania castle photoLocated on the western shores of the Black Sea, the country of Romania is one of great natural beauty and diversity and a rich cultural heritage. Romania enthrals visitors with its scenic mountain landscapes and unspoilt rural areas. The capital, Bucharest, is very busy and offers everything you’d expect from a major city, in contrast there are plenty of unique historic cities dotted around Romania. At Enjoy Car Hire, we provide extensive car rental in Romania facilities.


Romania cityBy offering cheap car hire in Romania, Enjoy Car Hire gives you the opportunity to explore the many different regions of Romania. The country is split into 9 regions, all of which offer something unique. The region of Transylvania is most famous, a land of medieval castles and towns, dark forests and snowy peaks. The area of Moldavia is an extraordinary scenic region offering a pleasant blend of historical cities, fortresses and churches. Dobrogea is where Romania’s main summer resorts are based, with beaches dotted along the Black Sea Coast. If you’re after busy city life then visiting the region of Wallachia will suit your needs, the Capital of Bucharest is based within this region, as well as mountain resorts such as the Prahova Valley.


Romania arc photoThese are just some of the destinations you can visit by car renting in Romania. Enjoy Car Hire can offer you the opportunity to explore this vast country, with highly competitive rates and a friendly service we provide airport car hire throughout Romania to make your journey one to remember.


Driving tips in Romania

Alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • 130 kph (Motorways)
  • 40 kph (School Roads)
  • 50 kph (Built up Areas)
  • 80 kph (Outside Built up Areas)
  • 0.00
  • 112 (Emergency Services)
  • 144 (Police)
  • There are no toll roads in Romania 


Parking is only allowed on the right side of the road and cars must be parked in the direction of the traffic


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