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Why Portugal car hire

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With its wealth of lovely cities, beaches and friendly people, it’s not surprising that Portugal is a top destination for UK holidaymakers.


Here at Enjoy Car Hire, we provide extensive Portugal car hire facilities, because that is the best, easiest and probably the cheapest way to really explore the country.



Beautiful Algarve

There are seven regions in Portugal, probably none as famous as Algarve. Beautiful golf clubs, sandy beaches, pleasant climate throughout the year are just some of the reasons. 


Portugal car rental Algarve


Best cities to visit

But Algarve offers so much more as does the rest of the country. If you want to explore the best Portugal cities, there is plenty to go around. One way to uncover all its treasures is driving from Porto to the south.


We strongly suggest you visit Coimbra and Lisbon along the way. Also, stop at some of the smaller villages at the Atlantic coast.


Portugal car rental Sintra


Natural parks

The water may be little colder, but there is a unique charm about them, that you definitely want to carry home with you. Besides almost thousand of kilometers of coastline, there is places and natural parks inland where the beauty and a wide diversity of species of flora and fauna are preserved.


Portugal Penefa national park


They offer most amazing sightseeing, there are also many trails for hiking and attractive bike routes.


Enjoy Car Hire offers Portugal car hire with no excess, and fair fuel policy. We guarantee a good selection of vehicles and highly competitive rates.

Driving tips in Portugal


  • 120kph (Motorways)
  • 25 kph (School Roads)
  • 50 kph (Built up Areas)
  • 80 kph (Outside Built up Areas)
  • 0.05
  • 112 or 999 (Emergency Services)
  • 192 (police)
  • Highway tolls cost on average 0.03€/km


Parking meters line the major streets of Malta and are valid for 1 to 2 hours of parking. Parking in Valetta is limited and you will have to pay a small charge for entering the city.


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