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The Netherlands
has a long and rich heritage, and with many places of interest, there is something to suit everyone.  At Enjoy Car Hire, we provide extensive car rental in The Netherlands facilities.


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Seven reasons to book a Holland car hire

  1. You'll see more in less time
  2. Excellent road system; Most of the country is famously low and flat with beautiful postcard scenery...
  3. ...which leads to an impression the best lies outside big cities. Smaller towns like Oosterbeck, Volendam... are peaceful, colorful, clean, just lovely.
  4. Holland has many cultural and natural sites scattered around the country.
  5. Exploring is easier
  6. Own Schedule
  7. Distances are ideal


This densely populated country was once home to one of the world's most iconic artists and it goes without saying that some parts of The Netherlands are a dedicated shrine to Vincent Van Gogh with aspects of is work beautifully displayed throughout. The capital, Amsterdam, is the country’s largest and is known for its many canals and historic buildings, as well as being rich with culture.


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Other cities of interest include Rotterdam, famous for its stunning modern skyline and its harbor. Maastricht in the south is one of the oldest Roman cities and well worth a visit. 


Holland car rental at night photoWhile The Netherlands also offers remnants of its past glory with former rich trading cities; Delft and Utrecht offering a great experience. And why not take a day trip to the North Sea coastline and experience the sailing resort of Ijsselmeer. All these destinations and more across the Netherlands are well worthy of a visit and throw in the trademark relics of tulips and wooden shoes and you can guarantee a truly memorable trip. The best and easiest way to see it all is booking a car rental.


Cars available for cheap car hire in The Netherlands

We have a wide range of cars available for car rental in The Netherlands. Airport car hire as well.


Pricing and payment

At Enjoy Car Hire, we want to get you the best deal. We check our competitors constantly and we work with a car rental providers ranging from multi-nationals including Budget and Hertz right through to smaller local companies. That means we can find the best rates for cheap car hire in The Netherlands on your behalf.


Driving tips in Netherlands

  • 130 kph (Motorways)
  • 25 kph (School Roads)
  • 50kph (Built-up Areas)
  • 80 kph (Outside Built up Areas)
  • 0.05
  • 112 or 999 (Emergency Services)
  • 0900-8844 (police)
  • There are no tolls in the Netherlands.


Drivers should pay particular attention to cyclists.


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