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Marrakech or Marrakesh, is the fourth largest city in Morocco, after Casablanca, Fes and Rabat. With enough time and affordable car rental in Marrakech, you can easily explore the city and the surrounding area.


Marakech car rental destination photoSnake charmers, magic potions and hidden palaces: expect anything from a visit to Marrakech, where all tourists will leave with a story to tell. Visitors to Marrakech have been known to disappear down a maze of winding alleys, only to emerge days later, relaxed and refreshed from their stays in spectacular courtyard houses, or riads, as known locally.


The Medina (old city) offers a very local taste of Marrakech and serves up many things to keep tourists entertained, artisans’ workshops, saints’ shrines and stalls ladling up steaming bowls of local cuisine. 


Marakech bazaar car hire destination photoThe focal point of Marrakech is its celebrated square, the Jemaa el Fna. The local monument towering over the city represents a template for the Hispano-Mauresque architecture. There are many other historic sites and interesting buildings, like Ali Ben Youssef Madrasa, or Miaara Jewish CemetaryActually there is a nice collection of Morocco old photographs in Maison de la Photographie. Medina is not the only market or bazaar in Marrakech, as there are many historic mosques, like Koutoubia Mosque and Minaret. Another interesting part of Marrakech is Saadian Tombs. Just outside of the town and if you travel with kids, Oasiria Water Park


Just outside of the town and if you travel with kids, Oasiria Water Park is a must. 


There are enough attractions in Marrakech region to any traveller busy. From the breathtaking scenery to the local culture and cuisine, the sights and experiences of a visit to Marrakech make lasting memories.


What about airport car hire in Marrakech?

Marrakech bazar photoWe can provide cheap car hire in Marrakech so you can explore the region and all its glory in your own time, and be sure not to miss a thing. Many people opt for airport car hire in Marrakech. It is easy and efficient, At Enjoy Car Hire we make payment and pickup procedure friendly and quick and all liabilities are explained upfront for example insurance excesses and any extras.


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