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The beautiful city of Rome is almost 3,000 years old and has become one of the most popular cities in the world. It is also a good starting point for exploring the central Italy and the best way to do it is by car hire in Rome.


Rome colosseum car hire destination photoRome, the capital city of Italy, is full of history and features an enormous amount of ancient Roman monuments. Probably the most significant is the Colosseum. There is no escaping crowd there so make sure you don't miss the worlds' oldest road just a stone throw away. Among Rome, top attractions are the Forum, from where Julius Caesar controlled the city, the ruins of the Circus Maximus and the Pantheon, the best-preserved building of ancient Rome. If you want a good view, walk up to Aventine Hill, just above Ancient Rome Circus Maximus.


Trevi fountain car hire destination photoThere’s also a large number of lovely fountains. like Fontana di Trevi, squares, basilicas, churches and museums on offer, boasting paintings and sculptures by world class artists such as Botticelli and Raphael. And off course then there is the Vatican city. Rome is far from just being a museum, it’s a colourful and vibrant living city which is an appealing destination even if you’re not interested in history.


Rome Vatican car destination photoIf you have time to spare take a ride to the south and visit Mount Vesuvius, famous volcano eruption site, turned into a lovely park now. Its peacefulness is quite deceptive, only a huge crater and smoke remind of its violent nature that buried prosperous city of Pompei so long ago. It is being restored constantly and worthy of a visit. For shorter day trips, one can visit Calcata, a city on the Volcanic rock. As interesting and even more beautiful is the city of Tivoli with some incredible villas. History buffs may remember Anzio for famous Allied landing and vicious battles during the WW2, but it is, above all, a town with lovely sand beaches, small cliffs, caves and plenty of Roman ruins.


What about airport car hire in Rome?

Historical ruins are what gives Rome its unique charm and to be sure to sample the wealth of historical heritage on offer you’ll need to be able to get around by car. Car rental in Rome makes for a near perfect experience of historical indulge. Many people opt for airport car hire in Rome. You’ll find airport car hire in Rome efficient and Enjoy Car Hire make car rental in Rome easy.


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