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Corfu is the second biggest of Greece’s Ionian Islands, situated on the western side of mainland Greece. Corfu remains one the most beautiful Greek Islands, laced with tall Cyprus trees and an endless array of secluded beaches.


A charming city

The main town of Corfu is a charming city, it has a sophisticated feel and has a unique setting as it features two large fortresses standing either side of the town. The town’s ‘Liston’ promenade is a major attraction here, as is the adjacent Spainada, the main plaza.


Most of Corfu’s appeal is set around the coastline, visitors rarely leave the glorious sand and often partake in the various water activities, such as yachting.  


Within the proximity of other islands

The unique experience on offer upon visiting Corfu is enough to entice any tourist, but within the proximity of this glorious island are other Ionian destinations such as Kefalonia tourist office, Othoni, Zakynthos, and Erikoussa.


All of which is a ferry trip away thanks to the excellent transport links on offer? Car Hire in Corfu can work out cheaper than public transport, plus cheap car hire in Corfu makes your life easier so you can enjoy your trip more.

What about airport car hire in Corfu?

Many people opt for airport car hire in Corfu. With Corfu Airport car hire, you'll have transport straight away from your arrival at Corfu Airport.


With some budget airlines flying late at night or early in the morning, airport car hire in Corfu also means you don't have to worry about a transfer bus or getting a bus to your accommodation - Enjoy Car Hire make car rental in Corfu easy.


Why book with Enjoy Car Hire

You'll find airport car hire in Corfu easy and efficient - our payment and pickup procedure is friendly and quick and all liabilities are explained upfront for example insurance excesses and any extras. In some cases, we work with companies without excess so hassle free car hire is yours with less worry.


When booked in advance your car will be waiting for you when you arrive ready for you to drive to your hotel or apartment, making airport car hire in Corfu a great option.

We also only provider quotes with a fair fuel policy and that's why we've been recommended by Money Savings Expert.


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