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Why Car rental in Germany

Germany neuschwanstein photoThe vast country of Germany is geographically placed in the heart of Europe, and it lives up to it’s billing in this prime position. You will be engaging yourself in an endless amount of things to do and places to visit in Germany. A country of great diversity, as notable for its avant-garde architecture as for its horizon-wide countryside vistas. Tourists will encounter a mix of untouched nature, youthful creativity, and fine arts.


Germayn Berlin photoThe major cities in Germany all offer a differing experience, the capital, Berlin, has roaring nightlife set in a hip and modern community. There are still remnants of the days of Berlin wall. Famous checkpoint Charlie is still reminding visitors of the cold war and of once divided city and country.


And there is an overwhelming reminder of Allied extensive bombing in WW2 in the shape of Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. In contrast, historic cities such as Freiburg and Heidelberg covey peacefulness and natural beauty.


Off course, you can not leave Germany without visiting the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, a nineteenth-century palace on a rugged hill in southwest Bavaria. It's one of the most popular tourist destinations and an inspiration for many motion pictures, most notably Disney's Snowhite.


You don't want to miss the capital of Bavaria, Munich, either. The city of football, Oktoberfest, and good cars is not far from Neuschwanstein and it's a nice, lovely drive that enables you to see the German countryside at its best.


Germany village photo

Actually an excellent road system in Germany really enables you to explore one of the largest countries in Europe to the fullest. Hiring a car gives you the best opportunity to see every large town or small village that Germany has to offer.


We offer cheap car hire in Germany in all of it’s major cities including HamburgDusseldorfFrankfurtMunich, and Stuttgart, including airport pick up in these destinations.


Driving tips in Germany

Don't be surprised if a fast moving vehicle passes you on German Autobahn. You can drive as fast as you feel is safe on German motorways, although they do recommend you don't exceed 130 km/h. Do not overtake a vehicle on the right lane. It's illegal.


  • 130 kph (Motorways - suggested)
  • 40 kph (School Roads)
  • 50 kph (Built up Areas)
  • 100 kph (Highways)
  • 0.08
  • 112 (Emergency Services)
  • There are no toll fees for passenger vehicles using the autobahns  


Children up to 12 years must sit in the back in a special safety chair. It's also the law to wear a seatbelt. Don't use the cell phone while driving. It is illegal.


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