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Charles bridge Prague


Prague is the capital city and largest of the Czech Republic.


It has become a benchmark for European cities to follow, without a month going by without another city being labelled the ‘New Prague’.


The real attraction of Prague is just the atmosphere and living and breathing the culture. Just ambling around the impressive well-preserved historical centre of Prague.




Things to see in Prague

The most important historical monument is Prague castle. It was once the seat of Czech kings, now home to the president of Czech republic.


The old town is another place to explore and don't forget to cross Vltava river on the Charles bridge (Karlovy most), the oldest Prague bridge, founded in 1357.


There are plenty of points of interest, including museums. One of the most interesting is KGB museum. KGB for many years has been off the most powerful and famous secret service in the world. 


If you visit Prague with kids and they get a little fed up with bricks, you can always take them to Prague Zoo.


Prague old street band


Prague will not disappoint

Whether easing under Charles Bridge on a rowing boat on a balmy summer evening or trudging across crisp snow at the Old Town Square, the iconic city of Prague will not disappoint.



That's why so many of our customers chose it as a Christmas Holidays destination.


Filled with character and friendly people a trip to Prague is a must for any traveller and a cheap car hire in Prague is a good way to explore it.


Prague main square


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