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Prague photoThe Czech Republic, and, in particular, the capital Prague, has become one of the major tourist destinations in Europe in recent years. The Czech countryside offers some gloriously protected areas such as Bohemian Paradise and Sumava National Park. If you are wondering how to get cheap car rental in Czech republic, you came to the right place.


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The countryside features an array of tourist attractions and landmarks, castles and caves are dotted around at will.  In southern Bohemia, the Sumava mountain range contains many hiking and cross-country skiing possibilities. The main skiing resort is based in the North East of the country in the Krkonose Mountains, this is where you can also find the tourist centre of Harrachov. 

Being a land-locked country, the Czech Republic borders Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia all of which can be accessible by car to give you a varied choice of experiences and cultures to delve into.
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These are just some of the places you can visit by car which makes planning much easier. If you are asking yourself how to get cheap car rental in Czech republic, Enjoy Car Hire can offer you the opportunity to explore this vast country, with highly competitive rates.

We provide airport car hire in Czech Republic as well.


Driving tips in The Czech Republik

Be careful, although known for a brewery, they are zero tolerant as far as drink driving is concerned. No drinking and driving in The Czech Republik


  • 130 kph/80mph (Motorways)
  • 40 kph/25 mph (School Roads)
  • 50 kph/31 mph (Built up Areas)
  • 80 kph/49mph (Outside Built up Areas)
DRINK LIMIT 0.00 No drink driving allowed
  • 112 (Emergency Services)
  • 158 (Police)
  • 150 (Fire brigade)
TOLLS Only apply to vehicles over 3.5 tons


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