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CyprusWant to take a few weeks off in Cyprus – the Mediterranean island at the crossroads of three continents? A place where east meets west.


A haven which invented the words experience, adventure, and fun. Cyprus, a hideaway where


adorn the land.

Cyprus fort photoYou’re probably thinking that you can’t afford to go there and still hire transport so you can get to see all these wonders. If you are a British customer looking for Car Hire Cyprus you will be pleased to know that they drive on the same side of the road as you, making it easier to Hire a car in Cyprus and not have to worry too much.


Car Hire in Cyprus doesn't need to be costly and with a number of Cyprus car hire companies on our website to chose from you will be surprised at how cheap it is to hire a car in Cyprus. We compare Car Hire companies in Cyprus from the small independents to the large multi-nationals meaning you can fit your car hire Cyprus within your budget.


But with Enjoy Car Hire, we can set your dream in motion because our car rental in Cyprus is so affordable you’ll be left with money to spare. 

At Enjoy Car Hire, we understand how important it is to take a break from chaotic lifestyles and that’s why we offer cheap car hire in Cyprus so you can holiday stress-free. 

Airport car hire in Cyprus

Cyprus beach photoWith a cheap car hire in Cyprus, you can afford to visit all the sights, see all the activities and do what holiday makers generally do! 


Don’t let the words "cheap car hire in Cyprus" worry you. 


The only thing that is really cheap is the car hire cost. We guarantee you that our cars and our service are anything but cheap.  They are all in peak condition – mechanically and aesthetically. 

But make sure you book well in advance. With only a deposit to pay, you can be sure your vehicle will be waiting for you. That means airport car hire if you are flying in, as well.

Driving tips in Cyprus

Be careful, the speed limit in Cyprus is not as high as in most of the European countries, also drink limit is pretty low.


  • 100 kph/62mph (Motorways)
  • 40 kph/25 mph (School Roads)
  • 50 kph/31 mph (Built up Areas)
  • 90 kph/55 mph (Outside Built up Areas)
  • 112 (Emergency Services)
  • 119 (Alternative)
TOLLS There are no tolls in Cyprus


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