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The city of Bourgas is situated along the black sea coast of Bulgaria and is the fourth largest in the country. The main attraction for tourists in Bourgas is the Bulgarian coastline, known as the Black Sea Riviera, which features white and golden sandy beaches along the coastline.


Apart from that Bourgas has many other attractions, including some fascinating museums; The District Museum of History and The Museum of Nature and Science are particular highlights.


Away from the city centre, the Sea Garden is a great place to chill out and take a stroll. Within the park, there are plenty of things to keep you occupied it features beautiful gardens and sculptures as well as a casino, small zoo and an open-air theatre.


Outside the city, and a small drive away, is the lake of Pomorie surrounded by salt mines and balneo-resorts. Further on there is the Atanassovo Lake, a hotspot for water activities, as well as fishing spots.


Bourgas is a beautiful city to visit, and there is also a wealth of places to visit close by. The best way to travel at your own freedom is to hire a car.


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