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Vienna is a must for every traveller. It's a win-win destination, where due to good transportation system a car may not seem a necessity, but since Austria is so beautiful with so many natural and cultural places to see, and also with Bratislava Slovakia and wine growing hills and spa region in Slovenia just around the corner, a good car rental can make a lot of difference when travelling to Vienna.


If you wonder where to start, well as with every major city in Central Europe Vienna has a vibrant historic city centre. You can easily spend a day just hanging out enjoying a great atmosphere of Stephansplatz with street artists and performers, restaurants, shops. Or you can go sightseeing.


Vienna is like Paris in many ways. There are many historic sights just a walking distance from one another. You cover quite a distance in one day, but you don't even notice it since you are occupied with architecture, like St. Stephan cathedral or Imperial palace. After all, Vienna once was the centre of Austrian Empire.


If you like impressive buildings, just west of Imperial palace is the famous City hall or Rathouse. You can visit two excellent museums almost along the way, Natural history museum and Cultural history museum and when legs finally begin to hurt a bit, you can rest in one of many gardens.


Speaking of gardens, Schonnbrun is arguably even more popular than the city centre. The main attraction is the palace, once a residence of Habsburg emperors. With almost 1500 rooms and lovely gardens in Baroque style, it is a symbol of the power and influence a House of Habsburg has had for over 200 years. Schonnbrun is the site of the world’s first zoo in 1752 as well. Well preserved and maintained is loved especially by kids.


Affordable car hire

To make the most of your holiday, you’ll want cheap car hire in Vienna so you can go on day trips to visit what is known as Europe’s culture capital, or even take a few days and travel to a local coffee house and soak up the atmosphere. Also available in Vienna is airport car hire in Vienna.


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