What is Insurance Excess Protection

Insurance Excess Protection

Excess Insurance Definition

So what is insurance excess protection and what it actually includes?


How it works

If you damage the car then you will pay for the damage up to the amount of the excess on your rental agreement if you file the claims form and you follow the easy instructions then you will receive that money back from us.

A quick example

If the vehicle you are hiring has a €1000 excess and someone has scratched the side of your rental vehicle while you were parked at the supermarket the rental company will charge you to fix this damage.


Without our Excess Protection products you the renter would need to pay for the damage. If you purchased our Excess Protection products you would pay for the damage and then be able to claim the cost back via Enjoy Car Hire.


Is insurance excess protection worth it? 

Is any Insurance type product worth it?

The answer is that only really find out if you need to use it, the initial cost of the insurance massively outweighs the cost of a repair of even the most minor of damages? It is your choice.


A handy tip is to look out for the exclusions that may be on other similar policies, some do not cover tyres, wheels, locks etc.


We are not here to sell you protection or advise you to buy it, we are here to ensure you have all the facts and how important it could be to your rental for a very small price when you look at the cost of damages and repairs on the vehicles you are renting. 


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