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Welcome to Enjoy's promo secret codes page


At Enjoy Car Hire we always aim to offer the best car hire prices on the web.  


Through our new website - - you can now insert promo codes and get discounts off the price.


Here are some of the leading promo codes out in the market at the moment:


LAUNCH2020 - to celebrate the launch of Enjoy's new website some big discounts are on offer, click here to auto-insert the code and go to the new website EnjoyTravel - Launch2020


RELAX23 - this is exclusivley for Enjoy subscribers but we'll let you into a secret - you can insert it and get the benefit by clicking through from here - EnjoyTravel - Relax23


Discount codes can give anywhere between 5% and 28% off, depending on which code you find, which car you use it on and when you use it.


They aren't all available all of the time, its a case of researching the different websites, forums, subscribing to emailing lists and generally searching the web to find the best ones.


Luckily we have created this page to do that work for you.


FREEFIVE - this is a simple code which is available ALL of the time and gives a straight 5% discount off most car hire products on Enjoy. Click through here 


ENJOYFB - is published on FaceBook, and will give some tasty discounts when used on


FAQ's about discount codes


What is Excess Protection?


What is a discount code?


A discount code is a code which you can insert into a website and usually get a saving. 


What is a promo code?


A promo code (short for promotional code) is another name for a discount code.


When can I use a discount code?


You can normally use them all of the time, sometimes there are restrictions and they may expire. Check terms and conditions of the website you found it on to find out more.


Are there any rules on the use of voucher codes?


There are not normally any rules, companies will push out discount codes to reward existing customers for coming back as well as to entice new ones.


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Did you know?


As well as offering car hire at airports across more than 100 countries, we offer train station car hire and city centres too?