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Izmir is the third biggest city in Turkey.It is full of great surprises and is a must-see city for any tourist and there is no better way to explore it than by Izmir Car Rental.


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Take the biggest attraction, Efes antique city, for example. You'll have to drive to Selcuk to see one of the biggest and best preserved ancient cities in the world. It was a port, and a commercial trade centre once. Many structures are well preserved and speak a thousand words. With a little effort, you can easily imagine how it once was. Another interesting historic site is Agora open air museum with many structures in a very good condition.


Izmir is not shy of wonderful beaches. Locals like to recommend Pirlanta. It is sandy, water is clear, shallow and safe. Excellent for kids. Another nice entertainment in Izmir is Wildlife park. It is located in Sasali, some 30 minutes from the city centre, very well taken care of and a pleasant change of a daily routine.


Izmir car rental destination photo

Izmir is a modern, developed and busy commercial centre, but without losing touch from its ancient city links. It keeps its heritage with old mosques, churches and a traditional market stalls. Although the city has a very historic feel at night it comes alive with a selection of bars and clubs to suit every tourist's taste. Izmir car rental gives you a freedom to explore.

Especially if there is a group of you, car rental in Izmir can work out cheaper than public transport, plus cheap car hire in Izmir makes your life easier so you can enjoy a stress-free break.


What about Izmir airport car rental?

Many people choose Izmir airport car rental. When booked in advance your car will be waiting for you when you arrive, making Izmir airport car rental.


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