It is Easter weekend and most of us will be getting into the car and taking a trip somewhere.


It could be that you are visiting family for the weekend or you are on a well deserved break abroad and renting a car to take in the surroundings, we can highly recommend our services.


When you are driving have you noticed a pattern of which drivers are better than other?


And we are not talking about the men versus women debate, that one is a war we do not want to start. Have you noticed that when you get cut up at a roundabout or when you give way to someone at a junction and they do not wave to say "Thank you" that they have something in common?


Enjoy Car Hire have put that to the test by surveying 2000 people and asking them the question everyone wants to the answer to:



Which make of car do you associate with the worst driving manners?


Obviously we had some preset answers already listed in the survey but we did add an option called others (please specify) and this was added to the fun factor with some very funny answers.


Below are some of the best answers we had from the other option:


  • The French
  • White van drivers (numerous votes)
  • Everyone
  • Taxis


Someone also mentioned quite specifically the make model and description of the bosses car here at Enjoy, we will be checking IP addresses!


Now for the results:



Survey Results: Worst Drivers


As you can see there is bad news for BMW drivers as they took a whopping 50% of the votes. They were followed by other premium brands such as Audi and Mercedes and the rest of the votes are shared between the others.


Does this fit your experiences and the stereotype of a BMW drivers?


If you are looking to rent a vehicle of this type and want to see if it changes the way you drive (it won't) then they are available with all of our worldwide car rental providers.