Matryoshka dolls


What do tourists buy?

When asked "What do tourists buy in your country when visiting that surprises you?" there were lots of great answers.


Tourist all love to take home a little memento of their trip and some of the item bought are all very cliche, the sombrero, the straw donkey and the tequila to name a few but there were some other interesting items listed.


Bottled Sangria

The drink is a favorite for tourists but not often drank by the locals and can be purchased everywhere in Spain in premixed bottles, usually nicely decorated. This drink is very easily made so it is a wonder why so many bottles are sold.


Matryoshka Dolls

It is no surprise these are on the list but it may surprise you that they were one of the biggest sold souvenirs in Dubrovnik, Croatia last year.


Off course, these are also known as babushkas or Russian Dolls and they have no real connection with Croatia.


Holy Water

This is sold in Israel and is sourced from the river Jordan, tourists will buy a small bottle for €10 and it is often claimed that is just tap water. The reason why the locals are confused by the amount that is sold is that it is pretty simple to grab an empty bottle and fill it from the river yourself.


Guinness Merchandise

If in Dublin it would be a shame to not visit the famous Guinness factory for a tour but everywhere you look you can find Guinness merchandise from hoodies to posters.


The surprising thing is that this has been added to the list in Northern Ireland and not Southern Ireland, it is often found in the shop and airports and sold in vast numbers.


Kuckucksuhren (cuckoo-clocks)

A trip to the black forest region of Germany and you will see these for sale and they make a great souvenir but look at the base and it says "made in China" when some locals sell the real article, however, price is always a big factor.


I love new york shirt

I love *insert city name* T shirts

You have all seen them, £10 t shirts with "I love London" or "I love NY" and they sell by the boat full. If there is one way to stand out as a tourist it is to buy one of these.


New York is a great place to pick up this kind of product with Statue of Liberty hats, miniatures, cup and mugs to name just a few of the items with the slogan plastered on the side. It has to be done though, right?


Did you have anything that you can add to our list? Or that you have seen tourist buying in your city that baffles you?