Having increased in size in the 8 years of business where the company have gone strength to strength a move to a larger location was always on the cards with the stay at Epic Studios in Norwich finally at an end.


Home for 5 years

Epic Studios has been the home of Enjoy Car Hire for 5 years and have facilitated the growth of the company over the span of two office with the ever increasing demand for more space.


The studios who have hosted events including well known bands, wresting, boxing and popular TV shows like Trisha in the past is now part of the history of the Enjoy story.


No more listening to the sound checks for the staff when the noise curfew that was agreed with the office tenants was over in the evenings and weekends and no more seeing the odd famous person walking through the corridors looking for the right room.


A far leap from the hustle and bustle

It is now a much more quieter affair for Enjoy with a move to the leafy suburbs of Norwich to Cringleford. A river running through the little village, no sign of a pound shop anywhere and rumours of ex Norwich City footballers living close by Cringleford seems like a far leap from the hustle and bustle of the previous city centre office.


The business centre boasts a range of companies from driving schools, charities and recruitment companies and now Enjoy Car Hire has been added to the list.


Our new address

Anyone wishing to add us to their Christmas card list or wanting to send any snail mail feel free to post to the new address which has been updated on the website and is as follows.


Enjoy Car Hire

Cringleford Business Centre

Intwood Road