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With the cost of car hire, one of the many things that you have to add into your holidays spending it is a welcome relief that a small change made on June 15th, 2017 could save you money.


Arriving and traveling around another country can be very daunting and the thought of getting lost on the way to your hotel or villa is a scary thought especially if driving late at night.


Save up to 10€ per day

The solution is to hire a sat-nav which in some cases can cost €10 per day.  

In the winter this is more than the cost of the rental car itself.


In the past the rental companies will offer you a Tom Tom, Garmin type machine to help navigate to each destination and it will ensure you won't get lost something that can save stress, finding a map or the family argument about who is at fault for taking the wrong turning. 


The solution in your pocket

The solution is something that we all carry around with on a daily basis and is now the most cost effective car hire extra you could have.


Your smartphone is the key to saving money as all data roaming charges have been scrapped while in the EU by all networks enabling you to open up the Navigation app of your choice and find your merry way to where you need to go at no additional cost!


Free map apps

We have listed some highly recommend FREE Map Apps to help you on your way:

Make the most of it though as the Brexit negotiations will be going full steam ahead and this may be one of the items to be reconsidered.


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