Steve Dennis


Enjoy Car Hire is fast approaching its 8th year online, so we grabbed Steve Dennis, one of the founders. We asked for some essential tips and where he sees the future of car rental.


Q: What was your original vision for Enjoy Car Hire when it started?

Having previously worked for another car hire broker I was keen to use the knowledge I had learned and create a company that was trusted in the car rental market. Car hire has a bit of a bad name and we wanted to change people's ideas of that.


Q: Can you remember the first day of Enjoy Car Hire?

Like it was yesterday. It was from my home office and using Skype to take calls. I answered the phones back then and it was great finally having the website working and taking reservations.


Q: What was one of your best memories?

Our first office was as big as a broom cupboard in serviced offices in Norwich, if the cleaner came into the room there wasn't enough room for us all. When we moved to bigger offices it was a relief!


Q: Where is the scariest place you have ever driven?

I tend to avoid driving when I am abroad on business but when on a family holiday I will hire a car. There have been no real bad ones, in Cyprus, the cars do often follow quite near to the back of your car if you aren't doing the speed they would like you to do. As a passenger, I would say Rome was quite an experience!


Q: Where is the best place you have been on business?

I enjoy most of the places I visit for one reason or another, Ljubljana is one of my favorites as the whole city is beautiful. I would even go so far as saying Tallinn was nice even though it was minus 18 at the time. New York is my all time favourite place to visit and I might try and get a meeting there soon, strickly business of course!


Q: What is the biggest tip for when renting a car?

Always check the terms and conditions, I know it is boring but by doing this you can save a lot of money and get the right deal for your holiday. When you compare car hire remember that it is not always the headline price that you are seeing that makes up the final price.


Q: What exactly should I be looking for in Terms and conditions?

It is often the case that customers just skim the T&C's and this can be an issue, I would make sure that any customer comparing car hire needs to check a couple of important factors.


The fuel policy can change the price of your booking drastically so that would be the first, the excess is also important because if you are unable to provide this on your credit card on arrival you will be left without a car or a choice of taking a very expensive insurance on arrival.


Q: Do you find customers not paying attention to certain details, when choosing, but really should?

We often find the most missed part of any terms and conditions are the opening hours.


These can often mean that if you are collecting or dropping off a car outside of the working hours the rental company will charge an extra fee. It is one to look out for and can sometimes offset the saving on the cheap night flight or early morning departure.


We show this clearly on the website but again don't just skim the terms and conditions.


Q: What would be your dream car?

If I remember back to the 80's my uncle had a white Porsche 911 Turbo, it would possibly be one of those. I was only about 8 when he once knocked down the wall outside my parent's house while reversing.


Q: Have you had any funny moments while at Enjoy Car Hire?

Too many to mention, once I was asked by a customer if I could send an email twice because they wanted to print it twice. Others include bizarre requests and news of unusual things left in a rental car.


Q: What does the future hold for car hire in general?

I believe that the right people are trying to improve the reputation of car hire, while it won't happen overnight the CMA (Competitions and Marketing Authorities) have made steps to making the market fairer and better for the customers. We are happy to back that all the way and already implemented a fair fuel policy on all car rentals before it was commonplace on the market.


Q: What is the next big thing that needs to be fixed in car rental?

Transparency is the key with anything and we would like to see a change where all costs are shown on the final price without having to add them up. I had a call with the CMA last week and I am confident this is not too far away from happening and we are right behind those proposals and look forward to the changes happening.


Q: What does the future hold for Enjoy Car Hire?

We would like to think the growth of the company will carry on and the emergence of our brand in other countries has been promising. We now have a workforce that is made up of 50% of German speakers because of these new connections and contracts. We know our idea works and we want to roll it out further to other countries such as France, Spain and maybe Russia.

Rent a car worldwide with Enjoy Car Hire and take advantage of some great car hire rates with the added promise of a fair fuel policy on every rental.