Looking 4 Parking


Enjoy Car Hire has teamed up with Leeds based www.looking4parking.com to offer all customers a free £5 airport car parking voucher when they book a car via the website.


Enjoy teamed up with Looking4Parking over six years ago to offer customers airport car parking at a discounted rate and L4P offering Enjoy's car hire services to every customer completing a transaction via their site.


"With the similar customer base it seems like a logical thing to do, if you are parking a car at the airport the likelihood is that you will be renting one at the other end and vice versa" said Steve Dennis, Director of Enjoy Car Hire.


"After speaking with their management team they wanted to give the customer an incentive to not only book via Enjoy, but also use their car parking, it is a win-win situation for both companies and the customer too."


Looking4Parking is part of the Travel Parking Group based in Leeds and offer airport car parking in 1200 car parks at more than 200 airports worldwide and has numerous languages available on the website.


In the future Enjoy will be looking into a package deal for car parking and car hire as a whole to give a complete price for both, developments are in the pipeline to help customers get the best value products in each part of their travel requirements.


Customers booking from 6th December 2017 will automatically receive a link to the parking website and a £5 off code in their confirmation paperwork when placing a booking via Enjoy Car Hire's main website.