Enjoy Car hire 2017 Review

Another year passes and the clock ticks to the 9th year of trading for Enjoy Car Hire and looking back on 2017 we have really made some huge changes. The car hire industry as a whole is better and the impressive work by many companies to improve the transparency of the pricing has helped renew the faith in an industry that has had its fair share of bad press over the years. The fair fuel policy model that was influential in making Enjoy Car Hire stand out from the rest has now become pretty standard meaning that very few companies can disguise low pricing with the cost of a tank of fuel on arrival. Clearer pricing on compare sites and broker sites means that now most companies are showing the cost of the car hire with all the mandatory fees included in the headline price, not all are towing the line but most which is encouraging. The CMA and Advertising Authorities have promised to take action against those that do not follow the guidelines which will help the customer in making an informed choice when booking a car rental where they are comparing like for like products something that was miles away in previous years.


Enjoy Car Hire in 2017 moved to bigger offices, changed internal systems and started working in more countries using more rental providers worldwide. The new system adopted mid March gives more transparency to the customer, offers some great features on the website and after a long time enables the customer to see the logos of each supplier we use, something we only did in the past for the bigger companies. Our feedback scores have rocketed and we have taken on board some of the comments that were suggested in reply to our "How did we do?" email meaning the customer retention has risen and customers are using Enjoy Car Hire's services time and time again.


If you keep an eye on our social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn we are constantly updating our customers and followers with news of new partnerships in each country and the development of our network of suppliers. We have built some fantastic relationships with rental partners worldwide this year and this can only help us grow and offer more choice to the customers visiting our website. We have also recently partnered with a airport parking company and every booking that is placed on the website comes with a free £5 voucher for airport car parking, so when you drop your car off at your departure airport you get a great discounted rate before renting a car via our partners when you arrive in your holiday destination. We are continually looking at partnerships like this to help our customers get added benefits for using Enjoy and save them money on their overall holiday costs. We also hope that you will be seeing the Enjoy logo in many other places in the future as we finalise some exciting partnerships at the start of the year allowing us grow and develop in the market to offer an even more streamlined service.


The environment took centre stage this year in the news and reports of various floods and other natural disasters in the world and we gave thought to the impact that a company like Enjoy has on global warming and the carbon footprint that our customers leave. While electric cars are not a million miles away they are still not something that we will see as mainstream for a number of years and while we are continuing to work with companies that offer Eco Friendly alternative vehicles we wanted to try and do something else. In the summer after seeing the devastation caused by the wildfires on the Portugal/Spain border we decided to partner with a company called Mossy Earth an enterprise that helps re wild the land that has been most affected by the fires. We have pledged a percentage of each reservation made on the Enjoy Car Hire website to purchasing trees and planting them in the worst affected area and only last month we were able to witness the start of the project. The ultimate aim for us to bring back life to the valleys and allow the wildlife to habitat the area once again and by planting these trees we will be building our own Enjoy Car Hire forest which we hope will be there for years to come.


What does 2018 hold for Enjoy Car Hire?


We hope much of the same, great customers, great prices, a great network of suppliers and more trees!