Advent Calendar


This year Enjoy Car Hire's reservation team will be doing something a little different for the 24 days leading up to Christmas by making a "reverse advent" calendar. If you are not heard of a reverse advent calendar then keep reading as it may inspire you also to do something different this Christmas.


The idea was formed by the bright sparks at ukmoneybloggers and involves buying one item per day of advent to build a box of essential items that will be gifted to a local food bank. With extra demands put on poorer families over Christmas food banks are used more often and a box of 24 items could go a long way to helping someone through what can be one of the toughest times of year.


If you are interested in joining in then some of the items that are listed for the hampers are mostly tinned goods and items that are long life. There are downloadable lists available from Trusselltrust where you will find the most needed items and popular items. A top tip is to start now and buy a few items in advance as donating the food parcel on Christmas eve maybe too late for those people in need.


"We wanted to do something different this Christmas and while we all have our own chocolate advent calendars on our desks it is nice to help others out and this seemed like a very good idea" said Jenna from the Enjoy Car Hire's reservations department.


Enjoy Car Hire who have moved to walking distance from the local Waitrose will be making a daily visit to build the box up in time to deliver to the local food bank.


"Once we have finished the box we will share the photo with our customers on social media and we hope that others will also share theirs too and inspire others to help next time" added Jenna.


Enjoy Car Hire this year also announced that they are donating a percentage of each booking to reforestation in the Douro valleys on the border of Portugal and Spain after the horrific forest fires that decimated the area this summer. If you would like to see more about the project then visit the Facebook page to see the updates and videos that show exactly where the money is going.


Car Hire is available from Porto in Portugal the nearest airport to the Douro valleys where the Enjoy Car Hire forest is being planted.