We have now indicated on the website which supplier are "Debit card friendly" and allow you to use a debit card to hire a car with them. However it is worth reading what using a debit card actually entails.
 Car rental with debit card

Credit card or debit card?

In truth 99% of the rental providers we work with ask for a credit card to hire a car however some have realised that by accepting Debit cards to hire a car they can help out a large percentage of customers who find it difficult to rent a car without a credit card.
It isn't all plain sailing of course and it is very important that you read the terms and conditions of each rental company to ensure you have the available funds on the debit card and that there maybe some downsides compared to using a credit card.
With all car hire the rental company will ask you to leave a deposit, this can be called many things but we refer to it as an excess. The excess is the amount that is held on your credit card on arrival and the upper amount that can be charged if you damage the car. A better description of this is shown in our car hire jargon blog where you can discover other car hire terms.
With a credit card there is a facility to preauthorise the amount and not actually take the money, it essentially blocks you the hirer from accessing that money and allows the rental company to take from that amount at any point in the case of damage, late return etc. This facility is not common on debit cards and therefore the money is actually taken from the bank which means it is essential that you have this available and that you did not intend to use this while on holiday.
Pay car rental with a debit card

Should I consider car rental with a debit card?

There are many advantages to using a credit card over a debit card to hire a car and below is the main topics that have to be considered when using a debit card to rent a car.
When using a DEBIT card rather than a CREDIT card a transaction will be made for the amount and then refunded back to the card.
Refunded amounts can take up to 30 days show in your account (depending on your bank)

Transaction fees may apply (depending on your bank)

Exchange rate difference may apply (depending on your bank)

Enjoy Car Hire and/or the rental providers will take no responsibility for any transaction fees or exchange rates associated with using a debit card.
If you require anymore information on car rental with a debit card then feel free to contact us on telephone, live chat or email and we would be happy to help.