There is always to sides to a review


Review sites becoming bigger and by giving the customer an inside knowledge of what maybe happening in the hotel, resort or with car hire company they are booking, they have a real influence on the customers choices.


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We read reviews, being part of the holiday market it is essential that we keep on top of what is happening in our business and we encourage customers to let us know how their rental went.


It does pose the question however of what happens to all the customers who do not use review sites and are they happy?


It is human nature to look for bad reviews as much as it is to review something you had a bad experience with rather than one that you had a good experience with.


After all who wants to waste their time writing "It was as expected" and more to the point who really wants to read that. We receive a number of reviews on a weekly basis and we take the feedback given to us by our customers even if it is a little suggestion.


It is important to also answer the feedback and in return give our own feedback to the customer, sometime a simple explanation can change a negative view into a positive one. We can all get lost in reviews and before we know it an hour had gone and you are skipping through the boring ones to find someone who had a problem.


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There is always something to remember when looking at reviews, how many total customers does that hotel, resort, company deal with? How many reviews can you see that are negative? Make an average and you will find that most of the time it is very very low, also take into account that reviews are left over a number of years, you will be surprised how small the percentage will be.


We recently read a review about Enjoy Car Hire and we were rated 1 star out of 5, obviously we needed to look into this and hopefully rectify the issue.


Further inspection showed the following. The customer wrote that they used Enjoy for the last 4 years and had no problems whatsoever, in fact all the hires we great.


This time when shopping around for car hire he found that we were more expensive than previous years due to us implementing a new policy of "fair fuel policy" and was not happy about this and will no longer book with us again.


1 star rated out of 5.


We searched the username of the reviewer and we were surprised even more that he had not left a good review for his previous 4 hires, however felt the need to review us on the basis of a quote.


This is why review sites can be a huge problem for companies, the one star rating will put customers off and drop our average rating considerably.


Can review sites be trusted? Our answer to this is yes they can. After all, we have set Enjoy Car Hire review page ourselves.


But like everything in life there is always two sides to every story and you have to take a few reviews with a pinch of salt. We suggest using them as a starting point but it is good to remember the points raised over percentages of actual business compared to reviews and make a more educated choice.


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