Car Hire Fails


Top 10 Car Hire Fails: Find Out Why People Don't Get Their Rental Car


When you read the likes of TripAdvisor and review posts, it is full of people saying that they didn't get their rental car when they arrived. Often the story runs deeper than a simple "No" from the rental agent and there is usually a very good reason for it. Here we list the top 10 reasons why customers do not get their car.


1) No Credit Card in Main Driver’s Name

This is the most common reason why customer do not get their hire car and it is easily avoided. Rental companies ask for a credit card on arrival to hold an excess deposit and this must be in the main drivers name. If they are unable to take this deposit they have no security that you will bring that car back or pay for damage or maybe fines related to your hire. The reason it needs to be the main driver is simple, if you are not the main driver and your card is used for a transaction it is very easy for you to overturn that charge with your credit card company by denying knowledge of the hire, if it is in your name you will find it hard to explain your signature. In the past rental companies have accepted someone Else's credit card only to find the charge reversed even though it was a genuine charge.

2) No Rental Voucher

Your rental voucher is proof that you have booked a car and sometimes your ticket onto the transfer bus to collect your car. Without a voucher you maybe treated as a new customer or not allowed to use the transfer facilities to collect your car. If you find you do not have your voucher or you have lost it before travel we recommend contacting Enjoy Car Hire, if you discover that you do not have it when you arrive we have a 24/7 service that can help provide you with the voucher and give you advice. Always check you have all your paperwork before you leave to save any unnecessary delays in collecting your rental car.

3) No Driving Licence

It is an obvious one but it happens and can ruin the start to your holiday, remember that it is not only the main driver but all additional drivers that require their licence. It is not often that a rental partner will accept a copy of a licence and making those final checks before leaving the house is better than not getting your rental car at the other end.

4) Arriving Late

We know that delays happen so it is very important that you supply a flight number when booking, failure to do this can result in the car hire company presuming you have decided not to hire the car and can lead to them cancelling your booking or closing the doors unaware of your new arrival time. While customers often think car hire is like hotel bookings where you can just arrive on the day it is a common mistake and it is more like a doctors appointment where you have a set time to arrive. Ensure your times are correct before booking and on your voucher before leaving and double check you have supplied a flight number, it could save you some unneeded stress on arrival. On each rental voucher is the telephone number of each supplier, give them a call if you are delayed it only takes a few minutes and will keep everything on track.

5) Not Enough Credit for the Excess

As per number one on the list a credit card is required but it also needs to have the available funds for the excess deposit. Check carefully the amount that is needed when arriving at the desk and ensure you have this available to be held while you have the car. Remember you will not be able to use this money so take this into account if you intend to use your credit card to fund your holiday. Without a credit card with the available limit you maybe left with either no car or in some cases an option to purchase an insurance to reduce the excess amount help which can become very costly especially if you have already take your own car hire excess insurance before you arrived.

6) No International Driving Permit

This all depends on where you are from and what language your licence is written in and is something that should be checked before you leave, they are often issued by the same authorities as the original drivers licence is issued by and it basically translates the licence. These are often needed if the licence is not written in Latin alphabet or the Roman alphabet.

7) No Other ID

Always check the paperwork to see if you require any other ID, it is often the case if you are hiring in your native country that you need to provide additional supporting ID. These requirements are listed in the terms and conditions of each company and clearly printed on your voucher. A rule of thumb however when renting a car abroad is to take your passport and proof of a return ticket to ensure you do not have any delays.

8) Couldn’t Find Enjoy Car Hire Desk/Counter/Rep

Another common mistake that is made and just because you booked via Enjoy Car Hire it doesn't mean we are the rental company, in 100% of the cases we are not, we are just the broker. When booking on our website you will see the rental provider and their meeting instruction and this is then sent to you via email. Always familiarise yourself with the name of the supplier and the meeting instructions before you leave to avoid looking for the wrong thing when you get there. This links in nicely with point number 2 and the need for the voucher, it really is there to help you.

9) Undisclosed Points on Driving Licence

If you have any endorsements on your licence it’s worth checking the terms and conditions of your rental to see the car hire company’s rules.

Some rental providers will ask to see if you have any endorsements before they rent you the vehicle. With a UK licence, you’ll need a DVLA check code for this (find out more here: Currently only rental companies in the UK ask for this however always check the terms and if in doubt it will only take ten minutes and is free of charge.

Speeding or traffic signal violation are usually fine and the car hire companies can be flexible and let them take a car in most cases. However for more serious offences, such as dangerous driving, drink driving, theft of a vehicle or driving without insurance or a licence can result in refusal.

10) Unexpected Charges

Always check your documentation as everything is listed and shown and arriving at the desk and discovering you have to pay more is not a pleasant experience. All mandatory charges are listed in the final price however local optional extras are not such as border crossing, GPS, additional drivers. Walking away from the rental desk because you have not read the terms of the rental contract is something that can be avoided and if you are unsure of anything then you can contact us easily.