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Feedback is important

Reviews and feedback are important to any business and Enjoy Car Hire as a broker have a responsibility to gather feedback from customers to ensure that we are keeping a close eye on our suppliers and making sure they are providing our customers with the best service possible.


In a very small number of cases, customers do face issues and it is important to know these to improve the service.


We are "in the know"

As we are at the coalface on a daily basis we know if there is a genuine issue and we can act very fast, there is little that escapes us and we quickly become wise to anything that might be happening.


Luckily surrounding ourselves with a good network of providers we very rarely have an issue that cannot be solved.


A recent example

I recently had a conversation with a customer who decided to cancel a reservation with one of our suppliers because he had read 6 bad reviews.


The company in question service approx 30,000 rentals per year 

and have been around for over 20 years.


I then asked the customer if he rents cars on a regular basis which he replied: "Yes, twice a year for the last 10 years".


And I questioned if he had a good service, the reply again was: "Yes".


I then asked him on the rentals, where he had positive experiences, had he left a good review, his answer was: "No".


Does it make sense?

This customer has rented 20 cars in 10 years if what he states is correct and he has contributed zero positive reviews to the sites that he openly admits using as a barometer for service.


What if?

What would happen if his usual rental provider had negative reviews that could have been balanced out or eclipsed by his positive experience of 10 years but lost business?


Multiply this small example by the vast amount of customers that rent a vehicle on a yearly basis and get exactly what they ordered and return but do not leave a positive review and we have an idea of why review sites can cause issues.


Share positives too

Next time you make a purchase and check a review site then why not ask yourself the question that was asked of that customer or better still adds a review for something you used in the past even if you feel it won’t make a difference. 


You would be surprised how a good review can impact on a business and add a bit of balance.