Enjoy car hire in Guardian newspaper story


Fall in love with Liguria

“I fell in love with Liguria. I fell in love with the Mediterranean, and I couldn’t live anywhere else,” an English librarian in Alassio, Jacqueline Rosadoni, told Mary Novakovich, an author of an interesting story about Genoa Holidays.


Not new to Britons

The title, "Sleepy side of Italian Riviera", made us curious, so did the fact that this area was used to be pretty popular with Britons before the World war 2.


So much that many moved over and built an Anglican church (now a cultural center), Hanbury Tennis Club (still going strong) and an English-language lending library (the second-largest in Italy).


Grateful for the mention

But what we also liked was the fact, that Mary used Enjoy Car Hire to book a car rental. We were grateful for the mention.


We've shown many times how a car hire can enhance you holidays by enabling you to explore your target destination to the fullest. We wonder if Mary would visit all those lovely small towns on a bus. 


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