early bookings


Usually, people book their holiday in January, it is part and parcel of the post-Christmas and new year’s resolutions of eating less, exercise more and travel somewhere nice!


You will no doubt already know where you are planning on going and no amount of marketing for new up and coming locations will change your mind, some people are creatures of habit and they like what they like, some are more spontaneous.


Regardless of which camp you fall in it might be worth taking a look earlier this year at what is available, flights are already available to book, hotels are waiting for the wave of bookings and the holiday adverts that used to start in January will start before Christmas to entice you into booking earlier.


Why should you book for car hire early?

  1. Our pricing team have been looking at the rentals generated last year from people who booked in December for the following summer and saw that there was a large percentage of people who were already booked up. This meant that not only Enjoy customers are booking but our competitors are too and we wanted to help them get some better prices and book with us.

  2. We have managed to negotiate some great deals with rental providers worldwide of up to 40% off the normal price in what is essentially and early bird offer but a REALLY early bird offer!

  3. While all the prices will have some incentive come January they will not be as good as the prices currently available, they will rise about 20% in some cases because they know the demand will rise.

So make that New Year’s resolution early!


Pick where you are going and get booked up and we promise you will not be disappointed!