29th January 2014


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Classics beaten by the new slick shaped cars of today

With St Valentines day just around the corner and many planning a little intimate cruising around the town what is considered to be the sexiest cars out there at the moment.


It doesn't take a genius to work out what came top, however, there are a few surprises. 


A well know insurance company did a survey on which nationality of car was the deemed the sexiest, what was better classics or new cars and also some added information on what males and females preferred in the way of modifications to a vehicle that made it have that extra sex appeal.


When we think of classic cars we automatically think of James Bond and the Aston Martin, however, it seemed that the newer models came top of the list in this survey and the classics were beaten by the new slick shaped cars we see today.



Men's choice? Guess what...

No prizes for guessing what came top of the league table for men

  1. Ferrari
  2. Aston Martin
  3. Porsche


Women like to be practical

Women, however, seemed to be more practical with their sexiest cars:

  1. BMW
  2. Ferrari
  3. Audi


When both have a say

Counting all the votes together, it looks a more familiar list.

  1. Ferrari
  2. Aston Martin
  3. BMW

When it came to the finer points 48% of women named a convertible as a must when picking a car that gets the thumbs up, men chose the sleek lines of a coupe. 



Who says women don't like a little extra

The most surprising detail of this survey is the females questioned also loved spoilers, tinted windows and alloy wheels. 


A huge 77% named these as important features to make their car sexier and more appealing. 


Black came top by a country mile when it came to the best colour for a car followed by red and silver. 


If we were to put all the data of this survey into one car that oozes sex appeal then it would be the a black convertible Ferrari with a large engine as size of the engine also ranked as a must when picking the car.


The nearest the boffins have got to the "sexiest car ever" would be a 360 Modena Spider Convertible, however, you would need a spare £100,000 to spend.



Enjoy Car Hire has convertibles available

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