25th February 2014


Cash in hand photo

You could feel like Chesney Hawkes after booking a car rental 

in 1991 something special happened, a young man named Chesney Hawkes from Winsor released a single called “The one and only” and it spent 5 weeks at the number one slot in the UK single charts. 


Enjoy Car Hire now can proudly say that they are “The one and only” when it comes to providing quotes for car hire on their website that are clearer than anyone else regarding fuel policies provided by the local provider. Gone are the days of clicking all the terms and conditions trying to find out how much the car rental company will charge you for a full tank of fuel on arrival. 


No more reading figures such as “between €70-€140 will be charged for a full tank of fuel on arrival." 


We now ONLY provide quotes where you pay for what you use, simply by filling the car back up to the level you received it, so if you are planning on using the car very little you will not lose €70-€140 worth of fuel you haven’t used which is hidden in the small print of many of our competitors. 


Always check the fuel policy when booking a car.


It could save you a fortune on you car rental, and rejoice when you book with Enjoy Car Hire and don’t be ashamed of singing a bit of Chesney Hawkes when you get that confirmation voucher.


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