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Feb 13th 2014


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Interesting Details Car Rental Customers Pay Attention To 

As I write this sitting in the departure lounge at Stansted Airport for trip to Munich to meet an important partner of Enjoy Car Hire. Lots of work is going on here and changes have been made that are making my journey that much easier. 

It goes without saying that making life easier is something that will improve the mood of any traveller however is there anything that could ruin that good mood?


Gate Number 13

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I already know my seat number, a welcome improvement from EasyJet now that they allocate seating. Row 11, seat A, the well travelled amongst you will know this is an extra legroom seat, bonus.

How would you feel if you are in row 13 and travelling from Gate 13?
Is this any more unlucky than row 7 and Gate 7?

Not to me.


Have you got any strange superstitions?

I don't mean habits, we all have these, most men will give their wives the responsibility of looking after the passports to dodge any blame when they go missing, but superstitions that make your travelling more difficult.

What about your car hire?

We have customers requesting that they do not have a red or green rental car. Here's more.

  1. The Car must have a sunroof in Switzerland so can see avalanches coming. 
  2. In Spain a customer would not have a red car in case bulls chase the car. 
  3. In Gibralta a customer would not have a green car and they thought it would attract the monkeys. 

Strange request you may think but somewhere along the line they have a reason.

Let us know your superstitions, we find them very interesting.


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