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How many miles?
The proclaimers suggested they would walk five hundred miles and then walk five hundred more and that number is ideal for remembering how to save on car hire.

A full tank of fuel in a fiesta or similar takes roughly 500 miles to empty, this means when you agree to a nice cheap price online for a car hire with the condition that you buy a tank of fuel then you need to do this mileage to get your moneys worth, otherwise you give the fuel back and guess what?


No refund for unused fuel.

So firstly check the amount of miles you will be covering because the average price of a tank of fuel in 90€ and if you are not using that fuel then you will still be charged. Most people will use the car to go to the beach, supermarket and a few trips out to take a look around and unless you are planning on taking a trip to another city or country it is very rare you will use a tank of fuel.

In Cyprus, Malta and other smaller Islands it is nearly impossible to use all your fuel however the car rental companies insist that you buy a full tank and return it empty, or any fuel left inside is theirs to keep with no refund to you.

Enjoy Car Hire don't only refuse to work with companies with this policy they are also making sure that all the suppliers that have agreed contracts with Enjoy adhere to the strict fair fuel policy we operate. This can differ per supplier but the simple rule is; you return it with the same amount as you found it!



Now how does that £15 per week car hire in Malaga Airport sound knowing that you will have to drive 500 miles to get any kind of value for money!!

Check out prices with fair fuel policies in over 40 countries on our website and you can sing the proclaimers song without remembering the time you got less for your money at the car hire desk on arrival.


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