The car hire industry has a pretty bad name and you can see why when you look at some reviews, charged more on arrival, overpriced petrol, car rental pricing strategies, the list goes on.


avoid being misled by var rental pricing strategy

Regarding Car rental Pricing Strategy, Enjoy Car Hire have taken the steps to make themselves stand out from the crowd with the fair fuel policy whereby the price for the car hire is just that and you are not given a very low price and then asked to buy a tank of fuel for a large cost to subsidize the low cost of the rental.

We have seen car hire for 1 week at Malaga Airport for £15, yes you read that correctly £15 but have you heard the saying "no such thing as a free lunch" this most certainly applies. Use some common sense when comparing car hire rates. Looking at these types of pricing, something has to give somewhere for them to hire a car out at what is potentially is a loss.

So where is the money made on the £15 hire?

  1. A mandatory tank of fuel with no refund in the case of returning some back.
  2. Overcharging up to 40% for that fuel.
  3. Older cars in the fleet
  4. Pressure selling off extra and added insurances

By adding all these extras together your £15 rental isn't looking so good, and this is something that is easy to forget when you are dazzled by the headline price.


If you have thought "What is the catch?" then it might be best to ask if there is one, a simple phone call to any of the websites advertising these types of pricing will help you decide and determine what the "real" cost is.

Pick up the phone to Enjoy Car Hire if you are not sure about our pricing but be certain that none of the four issues above will be a problem.


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