18th February 2014


Bad driving habits photo

Do you live in bad drivers capital?

A recent report has shown the location of the worst drivers in the UK, are you living and driving amongst them? 


If you are trying to avoid the worst drivers then we recommend that you stay well clear of a West Midlands town called Smethwick, as it has the highest concentration of disqualified drivers in the country.


With the number of road users only 20,000 and in 2012; 0.77% of these people were banned from driving. West Bromwich kept up the tradition of Midlands towns by coming a close second with 0.73% followed by Barking, London on the same amount. 


Figures compiled by the DVLA and collected by Auto Express magazine also found that the best drivers were from Hertfordshire, more precisely Harpenden with only 19 drivers disqualified out of 23,000 road users. In 2012, the total number of bans were 113,646 making it an average of 0.03 drivers disqualified, experts have named the increase of speed cameras and police seasonal crackdowns as a reason for the results.


Most common reasons for driving bans in the UK are:

  • drink driving
  • dangerous driving
  • without insurance 

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