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What happened at Atlas Choice?

What happened with Atlas Choice? What we can we learn from it and why your booking is safe with us.

Yearly Review 2016

So much has happened over the last 12 months that we had to stop and think about it.

Top 6 European Christmas Markets

These places are all wanderful on any day. But they are really special around Christmas and New Years. Check..

Super Moon Prices for Iceland

You are probably too late to catch the super moon from Iceland, but have you ever considered visiting the..

Are we Really Using Review Sites Correctly?

Review sites are great, right? Well, not if you read this example. Learn how they can cause issues and what..

Thinking about a Car Trip to Italy?

So, you need an idea for a car trip in Italy, huh Try this.

How Brexit Affects Car Rental

PoundSterling Live wanted to know how Brexit affected car rental business. They asked Enjoy Car Hire's owner...

The latest Car Rental Trick!

We have discovered the newest way to manipulate the car rental prices. Want to avoid a headache? 
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