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The modern city of Dusseldorf has become an important international business centre, and also has a strong reputation for its fashion and trade fairs. But above all, it is full of surprises for those who, for one or another reason, don't expect too much.   


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The city has come alive after ridding itself of its past destruction in World War II, it sits proudly at the top of the mighty river Rhine and can call itself a very cosmopolitan and wealthy.


Dusseldorf’s position in the financial world means it embraces a great number of nationalities to its city, and this is reflected in the patronage of arts and fashion on show, particularly reflected in the trendy shopping street Konigsallee and the many galleries and art museums around the city.


Dusseldorf car rental sight photoBusiness doesn't mean boring, though, for there is plenty to discover. Panoramic view from the Rhine Tower is never a bad start. You can take a look at the city and harbour. Next to it, there is a Parliament, and nearby the City Gate (Stadttor). If you want to relax, the Palace and Park Benrath in the south of the city are not far away, jut a few minutes car hire ride. And of course, if you want a little more of history, without having both world wars in mind, you should take a car rental journey north to Kaiserswerth and the middle age.


Right, next to the river bank you will find the mighty ruins of the legendary emperor Barbarossa’s medieval palace, once one of the most important fortresses on the Rhine. If only a part of the once large imperial structure, the ruins still measure more than 50 metres in length and the walls are up to four and a half metres thick.


The quality and quantity of dining options is also an indication of how diverse this historic city has become. Visitors to the city will be surprised by the contrast of places to visit, the bustling, a modern city centre is an obvious attraction, but there is also a great appeal in the old town of Altstadt. Cobbled streets by the river, where alongside ruins and shrines to its past you will find a selection of bars and restaurants.


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