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Frankfurt is the fifth biggest city in Germany and is probably most famous for being an economic powerhouse thanks to its position as a key transport hub, as well as its economic power. To make the most of your trip, you'll want cheap car hire in Frankfurt, with an airport pick-up it is seen as the best option to get around the city. The modern skyscrapers of banks and corporations in the central business district underline Frankfurt’s economic strength and create a skyline more accustomed to North American than central Europe. Most visitors to Frankfurt are usually there on short business trip, attending one of the many trade fairs, exhibitions or congresses.


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That doesn't mean Frankfurt is dull. There are more than hundred attractions you can pay a visit to. You can start by climbing up the Main tower with a 360 view over the city. 


You do not want to miss German Film Museum. A museum dedicated to film history and technology. There are more interesting museums in Frankfurt, but one really stands out for its content. The so-called Dialog museum has nothing to show really, but you are led around in the pitch dark by a blind guide. 


When you get fed up with bricks you can always go to Palmengarten. Frankfurt's beloved botanical garden is home to 50 acres of tropical trees, orchids and ferns. You can also enjoy a company of more than 5.000 animals in Frankfurt Zoo. Founded in 1858, it is one of the most important zoos in Europe. The best part is, it has a tough competition right in the neighbourhood. Animals, some 1400, live as they would in the wild in The Opel Zoo, which is located 20 minutes north of Frankfurt. 


One easily gets hungry travelling around and Berger street is a nice place to eat.

Frankfurt has definitely got another string to its bow, it impresses visitors by its cultural pedigree, excellent museums and popular local festivals, of which feature high-calibre performance groups.


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