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Paris is the one of most visited cities in the world and attracts all types of tourists looking to taste its overwhelming beauty and stunning architectural and artistic heritage. Some do it on foot. 

Some take guided tours, many rent a car

Known as the ‘City of Light’ it is easy to see why Paris has become so popular, with its world-class tourism and undeniable appeal of all things romantic, Paris gives you the opportunity for an unforgettable experience. The city itself spirals around the beautiful River Seine, as it weaves its way under bridges it adds to the immeasurable beauty and charm Paris has to offer. The city of Paris offers countless places to visit.


Arc de triomphe car hire destination photoThe Eiffel Tower is probably the most prominent landmark. It is open every day. Most of the year from 9:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., during the height of summer from 9 a.m. to midnight. One would think there are not many secrets in Paris. Who doesn't know about LouvreNotre Damme Cathedral, Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Pigalle, Latin quarter, but what about The Catacombs of Paris. It's one of the darker but also one of the most interesting places in Paris.


Many who go to Paris for romance stop at one particular cemetery on their way around. It's Per Lachaise. Many famous figures and military grantees can be found there, but the cult destinations are the burials of Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison. If you’re looking for things to see in Paris that most people somehow know about, but miss, search for remnants of Bastille prison.


Disneyland Paris photoParis has an excellent city transportation system, but that doesn't mean a good cheap car rental can't be helpful. Especially if you are planning day trips from ParisPalace of Versailles is a must, many take their children to Disneyland or Asterix park, we also recommend St-Denis Cathedral Basilica and the Royal Necropolisark, Fontainebleau palace and Provins.


What about airport car hire in Paris?

Many people choose airport car hire in Paris. Our payment and pickup procedure is quick and all liabilities are explained upfront e.g. insurance excesses. You’ll find airport car hire in Parisefficient, simple and affordable option.


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