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Ibiza has been a popular destination for many years now. As well as having notable nightlife, there are some great beaches. So, one essential ingredient for a great holiday here is cheap Ibiza Car Rental.


Ibiza doesn't have to be just about partying and catching the sun, though.


After all, there is a Unesco world heritage site in the form of Dalt Vila Defensive Walls in Eivissa. It's a formidable structure with a fabulous view as well. 


Great beaches

With Enjoy Car Hire's Ibiza Car Rental you can spend your days exploring the island with its numerous beaches and seaside towns. 



Necropolis is another UNESCO heritage site. It dates back to 7th century BC and it experienced enormous growth through the expansion of the city.


Talking about structures, Ibiza Cathedral is another interesting site. It started as a parish in the 13th century as a promise made by conquerors of the island. Some believe it was set up in an existing building, a mosque, but this has never been proven.


What is known is that different sections were added through centuries and today the cathedral keeps many works of art. 


Ibiza has two National Parks 

The Ses Salinas National Park and the nature reserve of es Vedrà, known by a small rocky island. 


Ibiza horse valley in the northern part of the island is another wonderful place to go. It's where horses can live wild and free. They have a good program set for visitors, trekking on horseback, scuba ping, cross country cycling.


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Of course, Ibiza is well known as a clubber paradise it is the place to enjoy the Balearic vibe.


But there is much more to this island than just dance music and clubs.


It has over 80 beaches and offers great water-based activities. But to see them you will need Ibiza car rental, especially since Ibiza has very little in the way of public transportation.


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Car Rent Ibiza Airport

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