The UK is a diverse as it gets and you can travel only a few miles down the road to find the accent has changed. A great example of this is the difference between the accents in Liverpool and Manchester where the distance is only 35 miles, while both northern accents to the southern ear there is a distinct difference between the "Scouse" and the "Mancunian" that can be heard regardless of where you are from.




Here at in Norwich, at the UK head quarters of Enjoy, we want to embrace Brexit and celebrate everything Great about Britain, so are launching a competition this January.


Please take photos and send them to us of 'what makes you proud about your town or city'. What is its best landmark, feature, place, park, monument, tourist attraction, city arcade, market, shop, local band, sports ground, pub/bar, pub crawl or anything else of interest!


How to enter


We want to know about your city and what makes it famous. Please send us your favourite photo (that you've take, only original pics will be entered), along with short caption describing it.


To enter, send your photo along with short caption to ...


3 lucky entrants will each win £100 of Love2Shop vouchers



What makes Norwich famous?


We start with the "fine city" as it is host to the Enjoy Car Hire HQ it believed that Norwich once had one medieval church for every week of the year (52) and a pub within the city wall for every day of the week (365). It has since been reported that the figure for churches is officially 32 and as for the pubs this is significantly lower than the 365. Another great fact is regardless of having so many churches it was shown to be the least religious city in the UK with 42.5% of people stating "not religious" in the 2011 census.


What is Leeds famous for?


Then we move to Leeds, statistically the second largest city in England behind Birmingham.

A fantastic traditional and majestic town hall, historically great football team, home of the Yorkshire cricket ground and a city centre which is packed with old buildings, great restaurants, bars and cafes. Let's focus on the world famous & stag do prolific pub crawl, the "Otley run" spanning 4 miles from the top of Headingley into the city centre and covering 20 pubs. On a weekend you'll see plenty of young and old groups having a fun time dressed up making their way through the plethora of new and old traditional bars and pubs into the night club centric city of Leeds. On top of this, Leeds is only 15 miles from the start of the Yorkshire dales, and North Yorkshire moors, 2 of the countries most famous and largest national parks. The home of "the Kaiser Chiefs", "the Wedding Present", "The Pigeon Detectives" and "the Eagulls".




Staying up north we take a look at Hull which interestingly started as a port town founded by monks and has some real moments that are etched in history that many passing through would not be aware of. Visit the Ye Olde White Hart pub on Silver street and you will be told that this location is key to the start of the English Civil War where one of the rooms called the "plotting room" was where they came to the decision to refuse James I entry into the town and triggered the first reported action in the Civil War. The famous pilot Amy Johnson was born in Hull and was the first female to fly alone from UK to Australia, she flew the 11,000 miles in a single engine gypsy moth plane called Jason. There are no records on her hiring a car while she was there.




Without making reference to the "Swindon lot" in the popular TV "The office" written and staring Ricky Gervias we have trawled the history books to find some interesting facts about Swindon. Starting out as a Saxon village it now often recognised by the "Magic Roundabout" and not the TV series, this popular junction has six roundabouts in one which consists of five smaller mini roundabouts and 1 large roundabout, we recommend a trip here just to find out how good your driving really is. One of the major historical moments in Swindon is undoubtedly the need for a half way point for engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his railway which transformed it from a small agricultural town to a bustling industrial town. The famous story states that while eating his lunch Brunel stood up and proclaimed that where his sandwich would land would be where he would build the repair centre, the landing point was Swindon.




Too many to mention here as Coventry has an abundance of stories, historical facts and even its own saying "being sent to Coventry" to consider. The saying means to ignore someone, to act like they no longer exist and is said to originate from the English Civil War (Thanks Hull). Coventry was the Parliamentary stronghold at the time and it was thought that sending the much hated royalists there would mean they would be given a tough time by the locals. Moving on to happier times and Stratford bard William Shakespeare was set to be married a Coventry women only to jilt his wife to be on the ever of the wedding day in favour of Anne Hathaway. In the 1960's the Michael Caine film "The Italian Job" was filmed at Stoke Aldermoor, Coventry in the sewer pipes there and many pictures can be found of the drivers racing the minis through the large pipes.




Venturing into Scotland and one of the most historical towns because of Robert the Bruce and the "Declaration of Arbroath" signed by Bernard, Abbot of Arboath in 1320. The signing of this document is seen by many as one of the most important and influential moments in Scottish history. The short version of the story is that the letter was was written by the Pope on behalf of Robert the Bruce and was signed by numerous influential figures to put pressure on Edward II to recognise Robert the Bruce as the King of Scotland and also to withdraw the bounty on his head. More recently Arbroath is famous for the "smokies" which is haddock smoked in a special way and sold worldwide and have the same protection as Champagne whereby they cannot be called Arbroath smokies unless they were produced eight kilometres from the town house.




Ask someone to name something from Nottingham and they will most certainly say "Robin Hood" it has however got lots more than just that and we are not just talking about the Brian Clough statue in the centre of the city. Known for its invention of the traffic light by John Peake Knight in 1866 you can find the very first one on Great George Street and Bridge Street in London (not Nottingham) and if that isn't impressive enough the city was also home to the inventor of HP sauce. If you are into your movies and liked the previous reference about Coventry then you will like that Nottingham is home of the "Wayne Manor" in "The Dark Knight Rises" Batman film in 2012, the story also goes that part of Nottingham called Gotham was also where the name Gotham City came from for the Batman comics.


What is great about Manchester?


The name means "breast shaped hill" and this huge city started when the Roman's built a wooden fort in Castlefield in 79AD, they called it Mamucium which was taken from the Latin version of the Celtic name. Rolls-Royce was created in Manchester through the meeting of a car salesman called Charles Rolls and engineer Henry Royce, the rest they say is history and three years later the silver ghost was launched. We have given you HP sauce in Nottingham so we have to add to the traditional English breakfast by revealing that Manchester (Bury) is where the black pudding was first produced in the UK by European monks who replicated "bloodwurst". Keeping on the theme of breakfast you can find the Kellogg's factory in Manchester where it has been making favourites such as cornflakes since 1938.




All together, one, two, three, THE BEATLES! This is what everyone thinks of when they hear the name Liverpool but there is much more to this amazing city and it is not just music and football it is known for. Liverpool actually has the most Grade One listed buildings, museums and galleries than any other city outside of London and a quick stroll through the city will prove this as on every corner there is a grand building seeping with history. Liverpool is home of Aintree where the grand national horse racing is held yearly and is watched by an estimated 600 million people worldwide. They also say that size doesn't matter however it does when it comes to clocks, we said clocks. The clock faces on the Liver Building are the biggest in the UK even bigger than the clock in the big ben tower, take that London!


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